The Blues music fans around the world encouraged and fascinated by the initiative of the bluesman Johnny Childs (President of the NYC Blues Society) on announcing the first Saturday in August an International Blues Music Day (IBMD). Armenia also joined that initiative, where the Armenian Blues Association with its friends and fellow musicians were celebrating the IBMD with the special Toast to Blues. Our event was supported and generously hosted by Rena De (singer, Shiver Band) and Melrose pub in Yerevan.

Vahan Danielyan (Chairman of the Association) in his opening remark briefly presented the IBMD initiative and introduced the event performers. The special merchandise from Association and free prizes (mostly those from European blues partners, that Vahan brought from IV EBC Blues Market in Riga) were available on the evening to spread the word on EBU and its members – fellow musicians and industry representatives.

Official, or so-called a “ceremonial” part of the event was flavoured by the special Toast to Blues (sponsored by Ukrainian vodka) – a magical music and culture that unites people around the world. The best part of the event – a Blues gig has been shared by the Shiver Band and jamming musicians who joined the celebration to support Armenia’s participation. Rena De with Shiver Band blasted the first part of the event while performing the famous blues covers, where the second part – a blues-jam of the various musicians and guests (some of them from abroad) who enjoyed the music and friendly atmosphere of the pub (please see pictures here).

Big thanks to all partners, musicians who came to bring their performance and courage, and of course the amazing crowd present that evening in the pub and made the celebration of the International Blues Music Day a very special day!

A special appreciation to Johnny Childs for his passionate initiative on  declaring the International Blues Music Day!

About the IBMD: On August 17, 2011 an online petition was launched advocating for the establishment of an International Blues Music Day. Within a few months the petition-group was joined by thousands of members from around the world, comprising of blues enthusiasts, musicians, celebrities, and promoters. After reaching 10,000 members, a formula for an annual date to celebrate IBMD was established as the first Saturday in August of each year with the inaugural celebration set to take place on August 3, 2013.
To read more on IBMD please visit its official website .

Fotos by: Darian Images, H.Hambaryan, V.Danielyan

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